Sebastian Jackson is disrupting the grooming industry with a mission that goes beyond haircuts and shaves.


Sebastian Jackson, The Social Club Grooming Club

“It used to be that the barbershop wasn’t just a place to get a haircut or shave; it was the hub of the community — where people came together to bond, socialize, and exchange ideas.”


Sebastian Jackson, founder and CEO of The Social Club Grooming Company, has recreated just that — a dual-purpose barbershop and content studio whose mission is to support cultural discussion, build community, personal growth, and diversity. Through the Club’s Shop Talk program, panelists — local and national celebrities, share their business stories and insights all while getting their hair cut in front of the barbershops’ regular customers. The goal is to meet others and be inspired to achieve their goals all in a social setting — the barbershop.


EXP: Are you excited to open The Social Club Grooming Company in The Siren Hotel?

SJ: Definitely – it’s like my second home. We’re in the process of building out the new two-chair barbershop that will open later this summer. It’s been in the works for about a year now and will be a perfect next step for our enterprise.


EXP: What are you loving right now?

SJ: It’s really easy to enter The Siren Hotel and be engulfed by the beauty of its 1930’s charm and find yourself lost in the Candy Bar. It’s my favorite place for a drink in the city right now. A friend of mine referred to the space as Narnia, and that’s actually an accurate description. It’s a world within a world, led by a group of three brilliant guys that create magic behind the bar.  All the drinks are amazing, but my favorite cocktail is off the menu. If you go, ask Marlowe to whip you up something smoky with a bit of sweetness and thank me later. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I love how easygoing the guys at Populace are. They definitely understand the craft but don’t take themselves too seriously that you’ll wait 10 minutes for your order to be made.


Populace Coffee, Candy Bar, The Siren Hotel


EXP: What are you most looking forward to at The Siren Hotel?

SJ: I’m excited for Karl’s to open. It will be an 85-seat, all day restaurant on the second floor of the hotel, helmed by Chef Kate Williams of Lady of The House. It’s named after her great great-grandparents’ bakery. Also, the rooftop opening is going to be insane! Just imagine summer nights with a view of our awesome cityscape.


EXP: You’re a stylish guy — where do you shop in the city?

SJ: I really love 1701 Bespoke, led by my friends Max Schmidt, Nelson Sanders, and Keith Magna. Although I don’t wear a custom suit every day, they’ve really mastered the art of combining the Detroit industrial aesthetic with a clean, minimalist and modern fit. It’s great to see so many good things coming with the new development downtown.


1701 Bespoke, Sebastian Jackson