Sarah Berger brings art, culture and life back to The Wurlitzer.

Enthralled with the hospitality industry and all things Detroit, Sarah uprooted herself from Chicago to head back to her hometown to be a part of the history being written in Detroit. The Siren Hotel was the perfect opportunity to add to the city’s story.

Sarah Berger, Director of Brand and Culture

EXP: What is a Director of Brand and Culture?

SB: As a Director of Brand and Culture, it is my responsibility and privilege to embrace the peculiarities of the city of Detroit and its people and create holistic and intentional ties with the hotel, my team and the community. I am most often tasked with crafting moments and interactions that will provide our community and our guests with the best possible taste of this city.


EXP: What makes The Siren unique?

SB: It is a unique destination within the city for very specific reasons. At the crossroads of design, business, the arts and architecture, The Siren is intended to be a welcoming host and display of all the wonderful things that Detroit and all of us here wish to share.


EXP: What is the history behind the building?

SB: The Wurlitzer Building has a rich history that has played an intrinsic role in Detroit’s cultural scene. The Wurlitzer family grew a name for themselves in the city in the early 1900s when they started manufacturing organs for theaters like the Fox, Fisher and Fillmore. The property has become synonymous with music and sound throughout the years.


Guest Room at The Siren Hotel

EXP: Where did The Siren get its name?

SB: The name is inspired by Greek mythology and acts as a metaphor —calling people back to the city of Detroit.


EXP: What spaces are you most excited about?

SB: Picking a particular space would be like picking a favorite friend! Each space is unique and brings an experience that is diametrically different from the next. Some spaces are designed for enhancing small gatherings and rich interactions like Albena, others lend themselves to more introspective and personal time with a cup of coffee from Populace.


“We provide a set, Detroit provides the script.”- SB


EXP: What’s the one thing that surprises people the most when they visit The Siren?

SB: The Siren tends to attract a wide cross section of individuals at any given moment. Since we opened, our guests react passionately to our design. Whether it’s after an incursion into the unexpected jewel-box like space that is Candy Bar or after a soothing sojourn in one of our plush guestrooms. Design and finishes drive most of our ice breaking chats in the lobby.

Populace Coffee