Former Wayne State University football star Mello Brown is shredding Detroiters with his killer Warrior workouts at F45 Midtown.

As Head Trainer at F45 Midtown Detroit, Mello and his elite training team specialize in innovative, 45 minute, high-intensity, group workouts that are fast, fun, and guaranteed to make you sweat!

Mello Brown

EXP: What did you love about being a student athlete at Wayne State University?

MB: My favorite part about being at WSU was Detroit and the diversity on campus. The experience of going to school in an urban environment and leveraging all the City had to offer was really special to me.

EXP: How would you describe your training style and approach to coaching at F45?

MB: I like to have fun and my goal is to make people feel welcome. I am an energetic and personal people person and my classes are never boring! I love to encourage our members push to be the best versions of themselves both inside and outside of the studio.

F45 Midtown

EXP: What makes F45 different from other fitness studios?

MB: The camaraderie between our staff and our members is unlike anything you will see at any other gym or studio. We have a really great family atmosphere and we genuinely want to get to know our members. Plus, our workouts are amazing! I love taking the classes myself which really allow me to help coach our members better and know exactly what they need out of a workout.

F45 is not just a place to work out, it’s a place to grow as a person and to be the best version of yourself.

EXP: What’s your favorite TikTok challenge?

MB: I love challenging the fitness challenges that Cory G (face of F45) offers!

EXP: If you could have one walk-out song, what would it be and why?

MB: Oh that’s tough, really tough! Nipsey Hussle – Grinding All My Life. The song has a good beat and I love to workout to it.

Mello Brown

EXP: F45 is located in the heart of Midtown Detroit – what are your favorite lunch spots?

MB: Slows To Go was fire when I was in college and Bucharest Grill never disappoints!

Bucharest (left), Slows BBQ (right)
Photos Courtesy of Instagram

EXP: Where do you find motivation to work out every day?

MB: My appearance matters to me. I like to look good and feel good. Growing up I was always a heavy-set kid so being able to get myself in better shape reminds me why I never want to go back.

EXP: For someone trying to ease into their fitness journey, where do they start?

MB: Start with bodyweight movements and jog your way over to F45 Midtown, located on the Woodward Avenue facing first floor of the The Scott at Brush Park, a Broder & Sachse Real Estate luxury community.

EXP: We know you break the healthy foods rules sometimes. What are your favorite spots for a sweet treat in the City?

MB: Our neighbors at For The Love of Sugar. No question!

For the Love of Sugar