She’s a life coach, personal trainer, dog mom, and a total beast in the gym.

As a former collegiate athlete, Lindsay Holder knows a thing or two about putting in the work. Now, through #HustlerNation, she empowers a virtual community to reach their fitness goals one burpee at a time as they support each other through good times and bad.

Lindsay Holder

EXP: Is the current craze around health and wellness about the end results or about the community it builds?

LH: The magic behind wellness is the community. As a leader in the Detroit fitness movement I’m here to support and believe in my people – bottom line! It’s not about the money, the followers, or the paid sponsorships. I am here to create impact, and empower with my words and actions. Witnessing my people fall in love with themselves by pushing through hard things is the best part of my job.

“My anthem and mission is to always show up for myself authentically first so that I can show up for my people and lead my community.”

EXP: As a life coach, what is one thing you recommend people incorporate in their daily routine?

LH: Prioritize your health and move your body every day for at least 30 minutes, even if it’s just for household chores!

#HustlerNation from Left to Right
Gemma Schultz, Taela Sigman, Lindsay Holder, Anquinett Pope

EXP: How has your time as a college athlete shaped you today and how has it impacted your business model? 

LH: The most valuable takeaway from college was definitely learning how to create a morning routine for myself. I always reminded myself at 4 a.m. when the alarm clock went off that it would all be worth it. To this day, the hustle continues, but it’s a smarter hustle than it was many years ago. 

EXP: Despite the influence of COVID-19, is health and fitness shifting to a virtual platform?

LH: People will always crave physical fitness and most people want to be a part of a community, whether it’s virtual or in the gym. The trend of virtual fitness is great and has been an awesome platform for me to tap into during COVID-19. The #HustlerNation has cultivated the most amazing virtual community with people of all ages and athletic abilities from all over the country.

EXP: What is your favorite park in Detroit to host outdoor workouts?

LH: I love Beacon Park! We host City Glow Yoga there once a month with CTY HOP which is a free silent yoga event with glow in the dark headphones.

EXP: What is your go-to market in Detroit for healthy, clean, and delicious food?

LH: I’m a huge fan of Vicente’s. It’s my favorite go-to post workout dinner spot especially in the summer and I also love Plum Market for just grabbing something quick.

Plum Market – New Center

EXP: After giving so much passion and energy to your clients all day, how do you unwind and take time for yourself?

LH: I get this question all the time! The funny thing is – I’m actually an introvert.  My job requires my all and I feel heavy amounts of joy when I wake up at 4 a.m. and don’t stop until I go to bed. I usually unwind on the car ride home, which is usually in complete silence.

EXP: What’s next for Lindsay Holder?

LH: Hmm… what is next for the #HustlerNation? Well, I will continue my virtual fitness workouts on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. via zoom, and you can also catch me outside hosting pop up workouts all summer (follow my social or website for more info). I have also been working on a very special top secret project that will be coming late fall 2020, but for now I will keep you on the edge of your seat. Stay tuned – keep hustlin’, keep lovin’ and keep movin’!

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