Jessie James and her three sisters have filled a void in the world of cold-pressed juice.

DROUGHT was born out of their parent’s basement and is now in stores across the Midwest and expands to the East Coast. This Detroit based company has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Elle and Food & Wine, and is a permanent oasis in Detroit to re-hydrate.

Jessie James, Co-Founder and President of DROUGHT

EXP: Females are ruling Detroit! What are some of your favorite female owned businesses in the city?

JJ: I don’t wear lipstick or get blowouts but LipBar and Detroit Blows are super important businesses in Detroit right now. Melissa Butler, Nia Batts, and Katy Cockrel are basically Detroit royalty and I’m a secret super fan. Lisa Ludwinski at Sister Pie is a star and she’s just an all-around hustler in the food space. Anything Kate Williams touches is gold. I basically just admire all women making an impact in Detroit. 

EXP: What is it like running a business with four sisters?

JJ: My sisters are some of the most dynamic women I know. I feel grateful that I get to have business partners that vibe on the same level.  That may have something to do with us being related — Goes without saying that there have obviously been ups and downs, but the cool part about working with them is that we get over disagreements in record time

Sister Pie

EXP: Do you have a favorite wellness studio in Detroit?

JJ: Detroit Body Garage — Terra is just one of the best people around. I don’t get down there as much as I’d like but I love her and everything she’s doing for the community. Lately I’ve been working out every morning in my basement. Shout out to my wife, Bianca who is my live-in wellness coach. She keeps me on track!

EXP: What are you doing and where are you going if you’re spending a Saturday afternoon Downtown?

JJ: I have a 2.5 year old, so in the summer I would say Beacon Park for an outdoor activity and then over to Selden Standard for an early dinner on the Patio. In the winter, I would say doing an art project in the Kid’s Room at the Detroit Institute of Arts and then over to Supino for Pizza.

EXP: What is your all time favorite, can’t live without it, juice?

JJ: Apple, Lemon, Ginger … ALG BABY

Detroit Body Garage
Photo by Amy Sacka

EXP: What makes the Parker’s Alley community of businesses so special?

JJ: Most of them are female owned!

EXP: Everyone has at least one guilty pleasure. What is your favorite dessert and where are you going to curb the craving?

JJ:  Good question — I’d have to say Boston Cream donuts from Dutch Girl in the University District or the Banana Cream Pie from Lafayette Coney Island.

DROUGHT, Parker’s Alley

EXP: If you could give any advice to a young entrepreneur what would it be?

JJ: The joy is in the journey. You think it’s all about creating an end result but it’s not. Expansion will come effortlessly if you are happy and enjoying the ride.

EXP: What’s next for Drought?

JJ: World domination! Just kidding, actually just trying to relax into all of the hard work we’ve put in over the years and let Lady Universe take over. Now that the long start up day are behind us we can finally watch some magic unfold.