She’s the queen bee.

Brittni “Bee” Brown is an innovator, do-er, and a game changer. She’s the founder of The Bee Agency and is transforming the landscape of traditional public relations. Bee has been been named by HuffPost as one of the top African American PR millennials to watch, and her list of current and past clients include big names like The Lip Bar, The TEN, Que: The Kitchen, Vibe Ride Detroit, Pure Heart Foundation, and more.

Bee Brown

EXP: As a “millennial’s publicist” what makes your work unique?

BB: When I started contracting clients under The Bee Agency, I wanted to represent and tell the stories of Millennials who were contributing to the revitalization of Detroit. This was during the historic bankruptcy as well as other national negative events centered around Detroit.

The amazing people behind the brands who were dismantling those stories, were millennials like myself. I wanted the goal of my agency to share the positive stories of the game-changers, innovators, and industry disruptors who were re-designing how the world viewed Detroit.

EXP: You’re always buzzing around town! What spot in Detroit keeps you caffeinated?

BB: I actually don’t drink much caffeine, but I do love the lavender lemonade at Que:The Kitchen. When I’m having an intense day, it plants me back to being calm and focused.

EXP: Go to spots for brunch?

BB: I live for a great experience, good vibes, and good food! My go-to spots are The Clique, Central Kitchen + Bar, and The Block.

Central Kitchen + Bar

EXP: Talk to us about Bee-coming Your Brand: The University?

BB: I founded the University for people who were coming to me for PR services with a logo and website but no clients. This course has been in the making my entire career and serves as a foundation for my introduction as a communication professional.

The method for the three day workshop, “Beecoming your Brand™” focuses on pulling back the layers of an individual to aid them in their personal growth as they “beecome their brand™.”

EXP: You represent some amazing clients, many of whom run black-owned businesses. Have you shifted gears for your clients with the Black Lives Matter movement sweeping the nation?

BB: It’s been difficult if I’m being honest. The Black Lives Matter movement has been a staple within our community for years and seeing now as a focal point for the world is good to see. There is more work to be done.

During these times, I have given my clients as well as myself grace.  There is a different outlook and face we need to put on when walking out in the world, sending out a pitch, or making a follow up call about an upcoming campaign. It can take the backseat when another Black human being has been killed.

It’s been important to allow my clients to be transparent in how they promote themselves and the content they share that reflects them as a Black owned business and brand.

Que: The Kitchen

EXP: As a female business owner, what has been the most challenging hurdle to overcome? 

BB: Putting my imposter syndrome to death. I operate a brand based out of a city where there is an ecosystem of female entrepreneurs, as well as being a professional in a white male dominated industry.

There were a lot of things I didn’t believe I was worthy of, or that I felt I could handle, because I was a woman and the societal norms around controlling emotions. I went through a growing process which is ultimately a forever process to assure myself that I am worthy of whatever is thrown my way.

EXP: What advice would you give to female entrepreneurs starting their journey?

BB: Always give yourself grace. This is something as women we don’t do enough. We hold the weight of the world on our shoulders and it’s something that I faced when building and growing my brand. I never celebrated my wins and took the time to be still and enjoy the moment.

“It’s not a race. It’s OK to celebrate and love yourself throughout this beautiful entrepreneurial journey.

The TEN Nail Bar

EXP: Describe yourself in three words.

BB: Bold. Precise. Disruptor.

EXP: What’s next for Brittni Brown and The Bee Agency?

BB: I’m excited to expand my personal brand as a communication professional and change-agent. My goal is to disrupt the current communication and PR industry and redesign how we look at traditional PR campaigns.

We are currently adding best publicists, designers, copywriters, and communication experts to our team at The Bee Agency to become a full scale agency focusing on providing best in class service to the lifestyle brands we represent.