Taylor Bolleber is a total girl-boss, Motor City Match Space Awardee, Comerica Hatch Detroit finalist and proprietor of the lifestyle and clothing boutique Bird Bee, and contemporary clothing store, Urban Angelo.

Taylor Bolleber

EXP: How did you come up with the names?

TB: I’ve always had the name Bird Bee in my head.  For me, it combines edgy urban street style with west coast Bohemian style – Bird represents a free spirit, and Bee is the sting. I’m definitely a mix of both. Angelo was my grandfather’s name and he used to run a shoe repair business. The original idea was to incorporate a shoe repair service into the store. Our concept has changed since then, but the name is still the same.


EXP: Why Capitol Park and Brush Park?

TB: Detroit is where I began to showcase my business through pop-ups and vendor shows. I fell in love with the energy and everyone’s excitement to be here and be part of the city’s resurgence.  Both have a certain charm to them. Being surrounded by other small businesses, residential areas and dozens of new developments happening only made sense.


Bird Bee

EXP: What makes your stores unique?

TB: Bird Bee and Urban Angelo are both unlike any other retail stores in Detroit. I focus heavily on the design and aesthetic within the spaces to ensure there is a certain sensory experience when you enter. The stores are both stocked with premium goods from designers around the world. Bird Bee has a trend-driven feminine vibe, where Urban Angelo caters to both men and women, combining urban streetwear with a polished contemporary style.


EXP: What’s your typical day?

TB: It’s honestly different every day! One day I could be in the store re-merchandising and rearranging floor sets, planning social media posts or styling my shoppers, and the next I could be doing really fun things like answering a million emails and taking inventory. I also travel often for buying trips to visit my favorite brands and discover new ones. Some of my current favorites are Knot Sisters and Flynn Skye. Since I live in Capitol Park, I not only have a quick commute to the store, but convenient neighboring businesses like Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters for when I need a pick-me-up, or Eatóri Market for snacks or lunch. Days off are hard to come by, but it’s always nice when I can take a little escape from the store and head to the The TEN Nail Bar for a mani or pedi.


Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters, Eatori Market


EXP: Who is someone you admire?

TB: In life in general, I admire my mom who has helped me tremendously since day one. She’s business savvy, passionate and the most trustworthy person I have! On a local level, I admire Erin Gavle of El Dorado General Store. She was the first female business owner in the city that I met, and she has inspired me with her story and her beautiful business.


EXP: What’s next?

TB: People are always asking when and where I’m going to open the next Bird Bee location but right now I’m just trying to establish really strong foundations at both stores before I expand. We are working on ramping up our local talent showcases at Urban Angelo to engage with the people of Detroit and serve as another platform for local artists, musicians and lifestyle brands. I’m just excited to watch Detroit continue to develop and I feel very lucky/grateful to have two spots in the heart of the city that allow me to be part of it all.