Doug Schwartz is creating elevated moments that will be ingrained in the memory banks forever.

DetroitWick and TripWipes Founder and Creative Director, Doug Schwartz is an artist and scent maker. His signature medium is encapsulating champagne bottles suspended at the point of explosion in acrylic cubes. DetroitWick isn’t just a brand recognized in Detroit but across the country, and there’s no stopping now.

Doug Schwartz, Founder and Creative Director

EXP: What is scent branding and what makes it unique?

DS: Humans can remember 5% of what they see, 2% of what they hear, 1% of what they touch and 35% of what they smell. Scent Branding increases a customer’s memory of a brand and it is a powerful, effective way to lift the experience. Scent Branding is a way of storytelling through smell.

EXP: Where in the city can we find Detroit Wick scent branding at work?

DS: All over! You can find unique scent related products at The TEN Nail Bar, StockX, Detroit Vs Everybody, Beyond Juice, Detroit Bruce, Detroit Hustles Harder, Good Neighbor, and more.

EXP: How did TripWipes come to be?

DS: I’m a semi-serious germaphobe by nature. I’ve always been frustrated with the anti-bacterial product applications on the market. No one prior has really created a thoughtfully branded, individually packaged, anti-bacterial wipe that smells incredible, softens your hands and easy for everyone on-the go. So that’s what I did!

EXP: What is happening in Detroit’s art scene is impressive. What do you attribute to its success?

DS: I think there are so many creatives in the city and it’s just exploding with inspiration, as well as people from all over the world visiting our city to make a positive impact. It’s cool to experience it first hand!

Queens Bar

EXP: Favorite spot in Eastern Market?

DS: My favorite spot is Supino’s. In my opinion, it’s the best pizza in the city.

EXP: What is your drink of choice and where do you go for it in Detroit?

DS: Jamo & Miller High Life at Queens Bar.  Queens has an authentic feel. It’s a place that welcomes everyone, it’s diverse, and plays great music.

EXP: You’ve been a partner in Raise the Caliber for a couple of years. What has been your motivation and inspiration behind your involvement?

DS: I’ve been a Raise the Caliber partner for four years. We’ve done the 2 largest gun buy backs in Detroit’s history over the past few years, taking an estimated 800+ illegal weapons off the streets and giving people a vehicle to turn in an unregistered weapon. It’s important to me to give back to the city I was born and raised in. My medium is encapsulating the shreds of a gun in a solid lucite sculpture.

Raise the Caliber Shreds

EXP: Congrats on being a new dad! What part of the city are you most excited to explore with your son, Haze?

DS: The art and food culture are what I think I’m most excited to share with him. We’ll be checking out MOCAD and Murals in the Market.

EXP: How did encapsulating objects begin and what has been your favorite encapsulated item? y

DS: When I first started DetroitWick, I was recycling champagne and liquor bottles and creating candles from them. Customers would bring me their wedding bottles and ask to make a candle out of it. I got asked a lot to upcycle the cork in some way. That’s when encapsulating started.

EXP: What is next for Doug Schwartz?

DS: I’m always searching for new ways to creatively introduce an elevated experience through scent and sculpture. One of my favorite activations is The Scent Bubble and I’m working on a 3.0 version for this fall/winter, which I will activate and pop up around Detroit. I can also mention I’m working with Patrón on something incredibly unique. Stay tuned!