Back in the day, Detroit was America’s epicenter for menswear with dozens of shops up and down Washington Boulevard.

Today, alongside his two-year-old wire fox terrier Emerson, Charley Marcuse is bringing back the three piece suit at Emerson’s Haberdashery.

Charley Marcuse, Emerson’s Haberdashery

“I try to provide a level of sophistication and approachability when it comes to buying clothing.”

EXP: How did you come up with the name of your business?

CM: It took me months to name Emerson’s Haberdashery. I didn’t want to draw names off of current stores and I didn’t want to name it after myself. Once I got my dog, Emerson, it made sense to make him the face of the store. Everyone loves Emerson and Emerson loves everyone, just as long as you’re not on a skateboard.



EXP: What are your favorite staple Detroit brands?

CM: Without question Vernors is the greatest ginger ale and you must have Germack peanuts at a ball game. But in all honesty, I love the personal history and connection of a brand. The things you can experience at Astro Coffee or a place like the 140-year-old Two Way Inn, where there is so much history in one spot that you can feel it just by having a drink there. That’s my favorite.


EXP: Where is your go to spot in the city for a classic cocktail?

CM: There are a lot of great places in Detroit now. Dave Kwiatkowski at Sugar House has done a fantastic job of bringing classic cocktails to life. He trained a whole generation of bartenders who have now gone out and opened their own places. I love the Kiesling, Prime and Proper, and an awesome underrated spot is The Keep. My go to classic cocktail is a dry gin martini, stirred not shaken, served up with a twist.


Astro Coffee, Kiesling

EXP: Many of us remember you as the ‘Singing Hot Dog Man’ at Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park! So we have to ask, American or Lafayette Coney Island?

CM: No contest! Lafayette Coney Island all the way! You can argue who has the better chili, but it’s simple ingredients.  You can’t have a Lafayette experience anywhere else and that’s what makes it great. I’m always a big fan of hot dogs as long as there is mustard involved.


Lafayette Coney Island