If a picture is worth a thousand words, this collection is priceless.

Meet Christina Liedtke, the Founder and CEO of ASTOURI, a travel inspired fashion brand that celebrates destinations and provokes conversations.

Christina Liedtke, Founder & CEO, ASTOURI

EXP: What do you love most about Detroit? 

CL: I love the sense of community here. There is a loyalty and love for this city by those who live here that is truly unique to Detroit.

EXP: What was the ah-ha moment that sparked the launch of ASTOURI?

CL: The inspiration behind ASTOURI is to fill the gap in ‘community’ apparel for women. I wanted to create a brand that offered inclusive, stylish apparel/tourist wear that has value. By combining ‘community’ prints with multi-functional, multi-seasonal, pieces that are easy-to-wear and easy-to-pack, I’m excited to be able to offer women a brand that complements where they live and travel.

Christina in her Detroit Skyline Abstract Wrap Skirt

EXP: What’s the ASTOURI philosophy? 

CL: At ASTOURI, we empower women to tell their community stories in style. We believe that stories are designed to be shared! When someone wears one of our pieces, like our clutch handbags, it ignites conversation not only about the brand or the garment, but also about where she lives, travels, and what inspires her.

ASTOURI NYC and Detroit Clutch Handbags

EXP: ASTOURI celebrates the cities of Detroit, New York, and Los Angeles. How did you land on those three and which city is next?

CL: Each of these cities represent a part of me – where I have lived and traveled. These are also popular tourist destinations that work for the brand and the ASTOURI consumer. Each city has a distinctive iconic print – that pertains to that specific city like the Skyline of Detroit, the Taxi Cab of NYC, and the Palm Trees of LA. We are hoping to expand to Miami, Dallas, and Nashville with some cool new prints soon!

EXP: What one piece in the collection should every woman own?  

CL: Our classic wrap skirt! It will take you from day-to-night, from the beach-to-dinner, and post workouts. I can easily wear my wrap skirt over my yoga pants and look elegant or wear it on the beach over a bathing suit and as a dress to dinner! Every woman should own one of our wrap skirts or ponchos. These are reversible so you get two styles, but also can be worn a few different ways to transform your look. 

Detroit Skyline, NYC Taxi Cab, LA Palm Tree ASTOURI Wrap Skirts

EXP: You meditate and journal daily. How has this practice elevated your personal life / business?   

CL: I started meditating and journaling about five years ago and it has been one of my best journeys. Finding time for myself every day to let go, breathe, focus, and be grateful even during challenging days keeps me present. This also helps me be creative, decompress, and make time for the things that are most important.

EXP: What are your go-to Detroit spots for a coffee or drink meeting?

CL: I love meeting in Capitol Park. There are so many options for great food (I am a bit of foodie) and beverages. For coffee, matcha, or tea I really love Avalon Cafe & Bakery or Dessert Oasis. I’m a wine (rather than cocktail) drinker and think Leila and Prime + Proper have some of the best wine menus in the city (and equally delicious food). If I’m just hanging out, La Laterna is a great place to grab a bite and a glass of wine to end the day or week. 

La Lanterna (Erbaluce, Favaro 2019), Dessert Oasis (Traverse City Cherry Festival Tea), Prime + Proper (Benjamin Laroux, Grand Cru, Clos de la Roche, Cote de Nuits 2011 via @primeandproperdetroit)

EXP: How does ASTOURI give back to the community?

CL: Almost all our products are made in the USA creating local jobs here in the states. I’m proud to produce our scarves and shawls at the St. Luke N.E.W. Life Center in Flint, MI. This center is truly amazing and provides jobs and income to support local families.

Photo courtesy of St. Luke N.E.W Life Center, Flint, MI

EXP: If you could go back and tell yourself one thing before beginning your career, what would it be? 

CL: This is a really good question and something I had to think about! I spent 20+ years in corporate America working for global CPG brands before focusing solely on ASTOURI. If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to be bold, to not settle, and to take risks. Hard to do, but inevitably very rewarding. 

EXP: What’s the most treasured piece in your closet? 

CL: The ASTOURI Detroit Skyline Black and White XL Scarf (Shawl)! This piece comes everywhere with me. It’s the perfect, season-less, multifunctional scarf for cooler summer nights, spring or fall days, and can also be worn in the winter. The monochromatic shades work with any outfit and can be worn as a scarf, a skirt, a one shoulder top, and so much more. I usually have this in my everyday tote, but it is so easy to pack as well! 

Christina in the ASTOURI Detroit Skyline Black and White XL Scarf (Shawl)

EXP: Finish this sentence: Fall 2021 is all about _________________.

CL: It’s all about innovation. I cannot wait to showcase our new pieces – perfect for the holiday season!