He is using his voice for good.

Damarqio (DK) Williams, aka @DetroitFather, is inspiring and informing others to live a purpose-driven life that influences communities, people, and policies.

Damarqio Williams

EXP: How have your life experiences played a role in your personal and professional goals?

DK: I am a firm believer that everything in life has a purpose. For me, ever since I can literally remember, I have always wanted to inspire and inform others to live a purpose-driven life. This passion was instigated by my first life experience of growing up without a relationship with my biological father.

“The lack of positive male leadership and support forced me to set high personal and professional goals.”

EXP: Tell us about Detroit Social Circle and the importance of it?

DK: Detroit Social Circle is the idea of a safe place that brings different communities and cultures together to drive transformational social change.

EXP: How has COVID-19 impacted your efforts?

DK: We are shifting the focus and creating more virtual conversations to discuss various topics that move the community forward. We helped facilitate conversation and action around social injustice following the death of Mr. George Floyd and have united people from different backgrounds and opinions on how we should move forward following the civil unrest.

EXP: What is a “dadvocate”?

DK: This word means so much to me! It is a dad advocate – someone who gives a voice to the role and perspective of fathers. I’ve partnered with Pampers and am participating in the #LoveTheChange campaign. Fathers seem to play second fiddle to mothers – but my responsibilities should be no different and I want to help to ensure this is the case for dads in my community. I’m working with P&G to find locations in Detroit that lack baby-changing stations in public men’s restrooms.

EXP: As an influencer you have a voice that can reach thousands. What do you want people to hear?

DK: I’m still getting used to being called an influencer. In this digital world, being an influencer is more than a bunch of likes or comments on what you had for dinner – it is about using your voice to influence change.  I think people want to hear authentic and simple aspects of everyday life, from a creative life hack to extraordinary history, we all have a story to share.

“It is about people seeing that we are all more alike than we are different.”

EXP: What makes raising a kid in an urban environment special?

DK: It is the value of experience and sense of community. Urban environments really enhance the idea of self-confidence and autonomy. Our daughter is exposed to more experiences and people. This opportunity enhanced her social skills and developed her ability to respect diversity. We can eat different types of foods, hear different genres of music, and visit different communities with people who may not look like us.  

EXP: What are your favorite spots in the city to explore with your daughter Jenesis?

DK: Our favorite spots vary by the season. A year-round go-to spot is Campus Martius Park. From the holiday activations to the summer beach, it’s always fun for the whole family. We absolutely love the beach and sunset park at Belle Isle. For an amazing stroll or splash of fun, we can always count on the Detroit RiverwalkDequindre Cut, and Midtown’s Cultural Center.

EXP: What are you and your daughter’s favorite spots to eat in Detroit?

DK: We find ourselves exploring different spots often, which makes it hard to have a true favorite, but Calexico and Lumen Detroit keep us coming back! The Block is our family weekend brunch spot.

EXP: What has been your favorite part about quarantine?

DK: Quarantine started off a bit rocky for us. My daughter struggled to really understand what the coronavirus was and how it impacted our everyday life, and we as parents also struggled to explain it. We eventually figured it out and became more appreciative of the additional quality time together. We learned new Tik Tok dances, cooked family meals, planted a garden, and created amazing memories.

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