We can all agree that 2020 was a roller coaster.

So, in the spirit of the new year, we asked Nelle Nichole, an Aquarius Sun, native Detroiter, and High Vibe entrepreneur to provide us with guidance and direction from the planets.

“Anyone can be a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer.” – J.P. Morgan.

You may ask,“What does astrology have to do with success, personal growth, planning, and execution?” Well, everything. For thousands of years, astrology has been used as both an art and science to navigate and explain human development through the zodiac.

Nelle Nichole, High Vibe

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Aries ♈

  • What you have to show for your effort comes into question. Consider your resources.
  • Time to reconnect with your people and figure out ways to work together and communicate effectively.
  • Be prepared for career changes and transformations. Create space for new opportunities and image a world where you are the boss.
  • Focus on your network, in particular, blessings from friends or allies. Find ways to meet with people who are ambitious in the same way as you.

Taurus ♉

  • There will be changes to your self identity. How you look or how you are perceived by others will be a big deal this year.
  • Consider who is in your corner and what your immediate network looks like. Who can you communicate your true self with?
  • Clear out of the rigid rules of society from before. Do you have faith in humanity’s ability to govern itself? This is a period to reconsider when control is necessary versus when it is not.
  • The workplace or career is reignited. Technology and networks play a huge part, so get connected! Opportunity awaits.

Gemini ♊

  • The lessons and spotlight fall on you this year Gemini! How will you shed your old layers and become new again for all the world to see? Which parts of your life cannot come with you into this new territory you’ve manifested? Don’t feel guilty, layers must be shed. Set down your doubts, keep your eye on the prize, and continue to transform.
  • The right people, places, situations, and circumstances will meet you. If it doesn’t work out, move forward. Continue to connect, network, and share your experience.
  • This could be the year where you are really doing the work to dive deep into what makes you. Identify what philosophies you resonate with and embody. Subconsciously, questions of your worth and value will come into play.
  • With Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius in your 9th house, there is no shortage on ambition, opportunity, and the space to consistently display your talents. When in doubt, have faith in yourself and don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want!

Cancer ♋

  • Relationships may go through a period of transformation. You might find yourself feeling the urge to ask for more from the people and partnerships in your life. Ultimatums are likely. There are things that need to be let go, you know what they are. The more honest you can be with yourself about this, the better.
  • You will find challenges around intimacy begin to come up. Your job is to address them and create structure for yourself here. You may need to work on erecting boundaries or disconnecting from prior agreements that no longer serve you.
  • Your network is active right now. Try reaching out to old associates about new goals and plans. The opportunities will come faster than you are prepared for. Stay ready. Consider yourself the underdog.
  • Your imagination could receive a sort of revival. Pay close attention to your dreams, day and sleeping. Maybe begin free writing to unlock what’s on your subconscious mind. There could be some gems in there!

Leo ♌

  • Be sure to make it to all your scheduled doctor appointments. Stay up on your health and food intake. You may need to make some lifestyle changes that would juxtapose your current state. If you’ve been feeling the urge to make changes, lean into it.
  • Your business and relationship life will experience a surprise surge of energy. You could find yourself taking dating more seriously and merging with a partner more than ever before. This goes for business as well. Compromise is the word of the year. Get things in writing.
  • Expect to experience some new energy in the workplace as well. You or your boss might change the process in which you do things for the better. If the changes aren’t coming from you they may feel unearthing at first, trust it and follow the steps.
  • Your immediate circle will be a buzz with information that could help you move on to the next level in your plans, goals, and achievements. Look for opportunities to grow and learn with others.

Virgo ♍

  • Pleasure and romance gets more serious and sultry. You may find that your hobbies have ancestral roots, or that you no longer want to date for fun. Things just get a little deeper. Focus your attention on children in your life. How will what you do now affect your legacy?
  • Your daily routine reflects the seriousness we spoke on just before this. You’ll want to start considering the fact that we don’t live forever. Self preservation and longevity is the name of the game, so begin some lifelong healthy habits.
  • You may have very traditional values. Time to rethink the authority you follow in life. You may be side eyeing the teachers you’ve had, the lessons you’ve learned. Degrees you’ve earned seem out of date and old ways of thinking are becoming expired. What can you do to renew your faith in the purpose of life itself?
  • In order to move up the ladder we must become students of the game again, even in positions of power. Challenge yourself to not be the smartest person in the room, and learn more about how to shift into higher realities professionally.

Libra ♎

  • Transformations to your home life. Traditions could be passed on to you now. How will you be your own authority figure and nurturer all in one?
  • Hobbies, pleasure, and romance all experience a major shift in energy. You are feeling more friendly, optimistic, and sure of yourself. You’re really understanding how you identify independent of others ideas of you, and discovering your own true happiness.
  • Close family bonds may see a change in course. Death, sex, and rebirth are themes. Prepare for unforeseen circumstances surrounding these subjects. When something dies, it’s an opportunity for something new to replace it.
  • Awareness grows as it pertains to your faith, growth, what you’ve learned and your personal experiences. It’s your job this year to explore beyond your comfort zone. Befriend someone who lives completely differently from you. Do whatever is needed to expand your knowledge. You will receive any help you may need by strengthening your network.

Scorpio ♏

  • The way you communicate needs a change. Your words are more powerful than you may know. Are you using that power to build or destruct? Reflect on the impact communication has. People know when you are manipulating them, so try communicating truthfully instead.
  • Blessings as it pertains to your home environment. A relocation is quite possible. There is true stabilization available to you. It will only come after you’ve completed all your checks and balances. Keep your eyes open for unexpected opportunities to grow.
  • Relationships will bring about unexpected challenges. Be very careful in business as unforeseen changes will undoubtedly occur. Have all your paperwork in order, an audit, inspection or sudden disruption to your flow could intervene. Stay ready so you don’t have to get ready. Certain dynamics will need to change because of this.
  • Time to learn to work with others who are just as sharp as you. What kind of partner are you when you’ve met your match? Do things that align with how you wish to be perceived. Leave nothing to the imagination.

Sagittarius ♐

  • Taking authority of your finances and resources will be instinctual. Be sure to triple line your savings in case of emergency. Pay off any debts as soon as possible. Be careful investing, gambling, or loaning out money.
  • The people you’ve always known could be the key to your future success. Make sure to communicate with your people and help with their goals in any way you can. There could be a blessing in there for you, too.
  • Time to begin doing your own thing on a daily basis. You may wish to cut loose and do something just for you in your free time that might surprise others. This thing is going to make you feel better, more efficient, and present in each moment.
  • Your love life may get a boost this year. Before you hop in, realize that the focus is on learning more about yourself through partnership. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship, right? Time to try your hand at being a conversationalist. Choose those who can actually spar with you mentally.

Capricorn ♑

  • Time to transform yourself. You may feel the need to hide or do things in secret. Take the time and space you need to shed those layers. A haircut, weight loss or gain may be in order. This year you’ll be one to stay low-key, especially with yourself. You may retreat from social media to focus on work instead, or social media may become work.
  • Your money is a main focus. The next 12 months in particular you may be restructuring methods you use to acquire money. There is still a need for routine, but it will be one you create for yourself.
  • Expect an unexpected jolt in your personal life. You may feel the urge to do something totally outside of the box. The rebellious spirit has found its way to your house of pleasure and romance.
  • You could be in a space to connect with those who will help improve your lifestyle in some way.

Aquarius ♒

  • You are needed. Your presence is truly a gift, show up. Become refined so that is the first thing people see. Of course, you’ll do things your own special way, just make sure to be as intentional about presenting yourself and it will push things further along. Blessings and concrete circumstances are waiting for you to call them in.
  • Changes to the home. Rigid rules are beginning to be challenged by the need for progress. Clear your space on a spontaneous whim. A change in residence is likely. You may even consider relocating your mother or mother figure.
  • Time to begin doing things for the sake of experience. There is a risky energy in the air, you just want to try new things. You may find yourself throwing caution to the wind when it comes to romance, dating, or a risky hobby. Your relationship with the children in your life could receive a huge boost. You are more playful and learning a lot about taking things less seriously.
  • The area of your subconscious mind is being probed. Your evolution is on autopilot. Things may feel a bit out of control. This is what growing feels like. Let it happen.

Pisces ♓

  • Your mind is susceptible to misunderstandings so be careful with your words to avoid crossed wires. Be sure to mean exactly what you say and listen twice as much as you speak. Do some research to learn what you might not be sure of before you present the idea to someone else. New ideas may come to you through this search for knowledge, write them down, make a plan. Be careful while on the road to avoid car accidents.
  • Lots of attention on the home & family life. Outline your goals here. Dream big, you should have lots of ideas. Read a book or watch a show on the subject. Then talk to someone about it.
  • Level up socially. Shed relationships and alliances that don’t serve your elevation. Get serious about your goals and ambitions so others can sense your passion.
  • Grounding within the realm of mental health and inner confidence. Lots is happening behind the scenes of your subconscious mind. Any ideas that may come to you in your sleep, see about them in your waking life.

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Photo Courtesy of Trevor Norman